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KIDS (AGES 3+ to 7)

Interactive Yoga (Ages 3-6)
Little yogis will learn yoga poses, breathing and visualization techniques, basic anatomy in a fun environment. They will work with partners and in groups to help with team building and social skills. Class will incorporate fun and challenging yoga games, fun music, and props to help your child improve strength and flexibility. Class is 35-40 mins. 

Attire: Legging or long pants to the ankle and fitted top tucked in. ​​

Kids (Ages 3-6) Interactive Yoga Group Class Packages:
Single Group Class = $17 (expires 30 days from purchase date) 
5 Classes = $75 ($15 per class) (expires 60 days from purchase date) 
10 Classes = $140 ($14 per class) (expires 75 days from purchase date) ​



                             Aerial Hoop (also known as Lyra) is a circular apparatus suspended from a single                               point. No experience necessary! In this class your child will learn various                                             techniques to mount and dismount the hoop, poses and moves above the hoop,                                     spinning, and lot more.


                                         Aerial Hammock -  In this hour class your child will be introduced to fun                                            and exciting form of exercise. Following a thorough warm-up to increase                                              their strength, flexibility, and body awareness. They will soar to new                                                  heights with tricks and poses both inside and outside the hammock.


                                           Cardio, Core & Flex - Class is 45 minutes non-stop of fun obstacle courses                                             to keep your child/children active. They work independently,                                                            with partners, and on teams. This class will focus cardio, core strength,                                                 flexibility, balancing, corrective postures, lengthen and strengthen all the                                             muscle groups. 


Attire: Leggings ankle length and leotard with armpits covered. No jewelry, watches or sports trackers, zippers, metals.

​Kids (Ages 8-15) Aerial Group Class Packages:
First Class Trial = $22 (expires 30 days)

Monthly Membership Kids (Ages 8-15) Aerial  Group Classes:

4 Class per month = $105

8 Classes per month = $175

12 Classes per month = $245

Monthly memberships are per semester below . 
All classes much we using within 30 days; unused classes will not be carried over to the next month.

2021 Fall/Winter Semester: 4 months contract = September 1st, 2021 - December 31st, 2021



Looking for a fun activity for your child and his/her friends to do on a specific day and time each week? We offer private group classes. Give us a call to work out the details.


Private Group Price List
Group 2-4 people = $155 (expires 30 days from purchase date)
Additional Person = $35 each (expires 30 days from purchase date)

Private Lessons Kids Aerial (See available time slots below)

Single Session = $100 (expires 30 days from purchase dated)
3 Sessions = $285 (expires 60 days from purchase date)
5 Sessions  = $450 (expires 75 days from purchase date)

Private Lessons Available Time Slots

M -F 8am - 4pm (4pm last appt)

Sat 2pm - 6pm

Sun 5pm - 6pm