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Before making your purchase, please note that all class packages, private sessions, and membships are non-refunable and non-transferable.

Adults Aerial, Pole, Pilates Group Class Packages:
Single Group Class = $35 (expires 30 days from purchase date)
5 Classes = $160 ($33 per class) (expires 60 days from purchase date) 

Monthly Membership Adults Aerial, Pole, Pilates Group Classes: 

4 Classes per month = $119
8 Classes per month = $219
12 Classes per month = $299
All above monthly memberships are 3 months minimum commitment. All classes must be use within 30 days; unused classes will not be carried over to the next month.

Adults = $25 per class (expires 30 days from purchase date)

PRIVATE GROUP PRICE (60 minutes lesson)

​​Group 2-4 people = $180 (expires 30 days from purchase date)

Additional person = $40 each (expires 30 days from purchase date)

Single Session = $100 (expires 30 days from purchase date)
3 Sessions = $285 (expires 60 days from purchase date)
5 Sessions = $450 (expires 75 days from purchase date)
​Lessons are 60 minutes (includes warm-up and cool down)​

Private Lessons & Private Group Available Time Slots
Mon/Wed: 8am - 2:30pm (2:30pm last appt)

Tue/Thu/: 8am - 4pm (last appt 4pm)

​Fri: 8am - 4:30pm (last appt 4:30pm)​​


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At Fly High Dance and Fitness every body is unique - we are not a one size fit all fitness studio. Our curriculum has been thoughtfully created for small groups and require pre-registration so our instructors can safely address each member.


AERIAL HAMMOCK: Let your Yoga fly! Aerial Hammock offers a non-impact and safe form of exercise that allows you to feel weightless and free as you transition into yoga poses. Learn how to balance, swing, and take your flexibility off the ground. And as you move on to intermediate and advance levels the class will focus on creating a beautiful aerial dance with poses and tricks inside as well as outside                                            the hammock.

AERIAL HOOP/LYRA: Aerial Hoop (also known as Lyra) is a circular apparatus suspended from a single point. In this class you will learn various techniques to mount and dismount the hoop, poses and moves above the hoop, spinning, choreograph routines, and lot more. 

 Attire for Aerial Classes: snug fitted top and pants or leggings that covers the back of their knees and shirt that covers the armpits and torso areas., socks No zippers, metals, jewelry, watches, or metal hair clips. ​​

POLE FITNESS/DANCE : Looking for a fun way to start getting into shape? Then this class is for you! This class will incorporate cardio, flexibility, core, and strength training. You will learn from the fundamental as walking around the pole to climbing and spins, moves on and off the pole.

POLE Heels & Choreography: Required at lease 5 beginner's level pole dance classes at Fly High Fit. You will be taught a choreography using the pole, floor, and heels (heels are otpional).                          

Attire for Pole Fitness Classes: Shorts, tank top or sports bra, avoid wearing lotion. No zipper, metals, jewelry, watches, or metals.

 PILATES CORE & FLEXIBILITY: (Aerial Pilates, TRX Pilates, Cardio Pilates)

This class is specially designed to enhance your core, flexibility, and strength with the use of the aerial hammock. by focusing on lengthen and strengthen the muscles with  yoga and pilates moves and props such as bands, yoga blocks, TRX, yoga blocks, etc. 

Attire for Pilates Classes: snug fitted top and pants or leggings that covers the back of their knees and shirt that covers the armpits and torso areas. No zippers, metals, jewelry, watches, or metal hair clips. ​​ 


 BELLY DANCING: You will learn technique in both traditional and tribal styles, as well as history and vocabulary of belly dancing. This is a great workout for your core, legs, and arms as well as you do traveling steps, isolations, shimmies,. etc. And as you move on to intermediate level props such as veils, canes, fans will be added to make it a more challenging and fun workout.

      Attire for Belly Dancing: Leggings and t-shirt or tank top


On a tight schedule or just feel more comfortable working out with your friends, spouse, partner, or co-workers?  We offer private and semi-private personal training, aerial arts, and pole fitness sessions. 

NUTRITION: Let our certified nutritionist help you understand how to eat healthy and stay on track, and provide you with monthly progress and measurements. Check out our Personal Training and Nutrition page       ​